Living in Japan

0725 (19)

Top photos: Roppongi. A higher end part of the city with many high end stores and shops. Many foreign companies have their head offices in Roppongi.
Bottom left: Seigaya park – a nice quiet oasis from the busy city of Tokyo
Bottom right: Yokohama landmark building

Since moving from Toronto, Canada to Tokyo, Japan, it has been just about 6 months! I can’t believe how fast time flies 😉 I wanted to post some photos of things I have seen and eaten while I have been here.

0725 (5)

Food made by hubby, expensive pizza, some yakitori (chicken skewers), fluffy omelette, and healthy Japanese food

We decided to order a pizza one night and decided on a medium.  I was SO shocked to see the size and price of the pizza.  We ordered from Pizza Hut and it was probably about $25 for a medium.  Unfortunately the size of the medium was close to a size small in Canada.

0725 (1) 0725 (17) 0725 (15) 0725 (13) 0725 (14) 0725 (11) 0725 (16)

I was happy to see snow and to breathe in the refreshing cold air 😉 True Canadian at heart ❤


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