Banff, Alberta: Lake Louise & Moraine Lake

DSC00848 copy

I visited the beautiful mountains in Banff, Alberta, Canada around late August 2012 and it was PERFECT.  We rented a car and drove from Calgary, AB.  It was an easy drive and recommend renting a car if possible.  That way, you’re able to drive to places that some tour buses may not go to.  Banff has SOOOO much to see!  We really lucked out with sunny days and very comfortable temperatures.

I just wanted to showcase some photos I took of Lake Louise and Moraine Lake.  We went to Lake Louise first and was taken aback by how beautiful this lake was.

DSC00860 copy

We decided to take the trail up and when we got to the view point, we were shocked that no one was here!  It was stunning here! Not only could you see the beautiful mountains in the distance, you could see the pretty turquoise blue water.  Breathtaking to say the least! I recommend you climbing up those stairs and checking this view point out! DSC00946 copy

The stunning Moraine Lake

I was shocked when I spoke to other people about this lake and they told me that they preferred Lake Louise.  Perhaps it was the day I went, but the waters were blue and this spot was just PERFECT!  It was not as crowded as Lake Louise which made it a nice quiet area for lunch and hike.

DSC00988 copyDSC00993 copyDSC00971 copyDSC00998 copy

All I can say is WOW !

For the fellow Canadians who have been too city to venture out of the concrete jungle, I suggest you venture out and see what your beautiful country has to offer.  People all over the world travel great distances to see what we have in our backyard.  It truly is amazing what nature has to offer to us.

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”  ~William Shakespeare


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