Things I like about living in Tokyo

– サービス:お店やレストランのサービスがとっても良いと思います。たまあに、食べ物が遅くとどいたりありますけど、ほぼ無いです。
– 電車 :時間どおりに来ます。ちょっとでも遅れたら、弁明です。
– 食べ物:とくにデザート。日本はデザートの種類がいっぱいあります。あまさももちょうどいいです。コンビニのデザートも美味しいです。「ふ」って言うぱんがおすすめです!

– Customer service: The service in Japan is fan-freaking-tastic! haha The odd times, I have waited 20mins+ for food, but usually the food arrives very quickly at restaurants.  Yesterday, I had noodles in one of the train stations and I think the food arrived within a minute – no joke! I guess it’s not a great example since it was a small place in a train station and usually the customers are in a rush trying to catch their trains, but I was still very impressed.

– While I’m on the topic of trains: The trains here in Tokyo, for the most part, arrive/depart on time.  Sometimes they are late, and if they are, they are very apologetic.  I love the fact that they are on time, it makes my life easier when planning my day.

– Food: while I truly miss eating easily accessible ethnic foods, Japan has the best desserts!  Not only is there a wide variety of desserts, they’re all so good.  The sweets aren’t pumped full with sugar, making it very enjoyable to eat.  I also appreciate the fact that the desserts sold in convenience stores are also very delicious! I usually have one sweet treat every night after dinner (>_<).  I’m currently hooked on Mister Donuts.  I will forever be a timmies (Tim Hortons) tim bits fan, but I’m sorry…Mister Donuts is just too good to compare.

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