High Tea & Harrods

Summer of 2011: I went to Europe to visit my friend who was studying in England.  We decided to tour around England, Paris, and Barcelona.  I wanted to post on England first since it was my first stop.  One of the first things I found out about England is the ever changing weather.  One minute it’s sunny, the next minute it’s raining.  I always carried my umbrella haha

My To Do’s in England:

High Tea (afternoon tea)

– Harrods

– Big Ben

– Buckingham Palace

– Shop

– Photo of the iconic red telephone booth

 Although this TO DO list is quite small, I was very happy to cross them all off!

IMG_0601 copy IMG_0603 copy IMG_0611 copy IMG_0607copy

One of the first things that I did once I arrived was have some afternoon tea, or high tea as they call it there. Simply elegant and delicious !  The smoked salmon, cream cheese sandwiches were good, but I LOVED the scones (as I do with almost all afternoon teas)


How can one go to London and not go to Harrods! Although I didn’t do much shopping there, we ended up indulging in some expensive hot chocolate and danish – it was to die for! Well worth the money!

IMG_0656 copy


Buckingham Palace

 IMG_0700 copy IMG_0694 copy

IMG_0736 copy

Big Ben – thankfully blue skies 🙂

SAM_2729 copy

Getting some shopping in my system

SAM_2730 copy

Crazy store with lots of funky, techno, electro items


Beautiful buildings


I found a telephone booth – must take photo!

  IMG_0647 copy

Unfortunately, I experienced some racism while I was in London, and I suppose there is and will be racism anywhere you go, but I was just taken aback.  My friend stated that it was not uncommon and that there are people there that are vocal about it…I was just shocked.  Don’t get me wrong, I have experienced some form racism in my life, but my experience in London just takes the cake.  I appreciated my home country all that more after that encounter. Nonetheless, I still had an amazing time in England and I didn’t let that stop my momentum- next stop: Paris!


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