Climbing New Heights


Us in front of the Hakuba Station – smiling of course 😉

  For those of you who have been reading my previous posts, you know how I feel about the summer here in Tokyo, Japan; it is hot. Hot and humid.  So when my husband stated that he wanted to go climbing for his summer holiday, I gladly accepted.  I mean, how could I decline taking in the freshness of the trees and nature, the cool, brisk air 🙂

…what I failed to realize was that my body was (and still is) no where near fit enough to climb a mountain of this caliber.

My husband chose a mountain called Mt. Shiroumadake (白馬村)2932 m (9619 ft) elevation.  He stated that he has climbed this mountain before which made me feel at ease, but his mother warned me that she had a very tough time climbing it.  I should have listened to her haha

DSC02265copyWe purchased our breakfast by the Hakuba station (very delicious, nutritious, well priced meal btw) before heading off to the mountain.  We started our trek at about 730 am.  After treking for a bit, we started the daunting, never ending, 60 degree glacier.  My husband stated that there were a lot more crevices than before – thanks global warming 😦


DSC02259copy DSC02273copy

I thought this would be ‘easy’ since it’s just a steady incline; no big rocks or steps to climb, no walking on the edge of the mountain. I was totally wrong.  It burned my calves like no tomorrow.  Mountain climbing is good exercise I tell ya~!   After several hours, hubby finally said ‘ok’ to taking a break for lunch.


Our view at lunch – sense of accomplishment FTW


After lunch, more climbing of course.  It took us 10 hours to climb to our mountain hut! (>_<)’ — probably because of me.  The thing is, I couldn’t give up.  If I gave up and said “I quit”, then what? Call a heli to fly me back home? I’d have to walk all the way back down, and that would just be plain stupid; so I kept moving forward, one little step at a time.


Scenery is just breathtaking, taken on our way to our mountain hut

DSC02294copy DSC02298copy


We arrived around 5:30 pm – very very late in the standards of a mountain climber.  I was so happy that we were able to climb during nice weather and that when we reached our mountain hut, we were able to see the sunset 🙂 Beautiful!


After a good nights rest, we ate breakfast and departed around 7:30 am and finally went for our destination to the top!  Unfortunately, unlike the previous day, the weather wasn’t so great.  We couldn’t see anything but grey clouds 😦

Now time to go home…


Long road home (but easier than climbing up!)


I wish I had taken more photos of our decent since it was quite dangerous.  We had many HUGE boulders/rocks that we had to skip/jump through to get home (nothing like the photo posted above).  It was dangerous.  At one point, I lost my water bottle which fell in between the dark holes of the boulders. It was a reminder to me to really watch my step and to be careful.  My husband stated that the route had changed since he was last here – so please do your research before going.  This trek down does a toll on your knees and legs in general.

All in all, a wonderful experience.  This climb was one of the most difficult things I had experienced in a long time (both physically and mentally), but it ignited my passion for climbing and I look forward to our next trek…I requested for an easier moutain though haha

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous” — Aristotle

I hope you take time, even if it is just a 5 minute walk during lunch, to get out there and take in what our beautiful earth has to offer us 🙂

Need more mountain climbing ? Read: My first mountain climbing experience in Japan


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