Sweet as Pie

Since moving to Japan, I must say I have been very disciplined with my spending.  It could easily get out of hand as everything here is so CUTE.

IMG_4055copy Here is something I found at the craft store: a super cute eraser maker. In Japanese it is: けしごむをつくろう!(let’s make erasers)

And the good thing about it was that it was under 600 円!


The contents of the package: instructions, eraser mold, 4 colours of clay

It’s really quite easy to make, just follow the instructions 🙂 For someone who can’t really read Japanese, I was able to get the gist of things and make it work


This is what the clay looks like


Spray the mold with water, take a piece of clay and place in mold, then press


Don’t forget to spray the mold with water before putting in the clay or it will stick!


Once you have your pieces, place them together by twisting/pushing them together.  Then place in the white cardboard container, add water and microwave


Perhaps I didn’t push the pieces together well enough because after it came out, it looked like this..

Then cool the eraser in some cold water…


 Here’s the finished product! Super cute! (too cute to use haha)


I’ve purchased another one of these DIY kits , but this time it’s for cute keychains.  🙂

Let me know if you know of any easy DIY or craft projects!


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